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Solar Water Heater Reviews

Solar Water Heater Reviews
With the ever-increasing cost of fuel, more and more people are taking to solar water heaters, as they want to do their bit in conserving fossil fuels and helping the environment. The reviews in this HelpSaveNature article will help you make your choice when you plan to buy one.
Bhakti Satalkar
According to the law passed in 2010 in Hawaii, use of solar water heaters in newly constructed single-family houses is mandatory. The only exception to this law are houses in forested areas which do not get sufficient sunshine. For the longest time we have been relying on fossil fuels, but have forgotten the fact that their supply is limited. However, we do have the sun, which provide us with never ending energy, but we do not make the most of it. If we have to analyze our energy bills, we will see that a large sum goes towards our daily water heating needs.
Switching to a solar powered water heater, we not only save fuel, but we also save money, as the main energy source to run this machine is free of cost. This appliance lasts for years, therefore you will save out replacement costs as well. Even though the price of a solar water heater is high, you will recover it from your energy bills, which will be very low. The return on investments will vary in different states. The sunny lands of Florida will not give the same tax incentives as compared to the not so sunny and cold regions of the north. Hence, it is important to take the reviews into consideration before you choose a water heater.
Product Reviews
Stiebel Eltron SOL25
This model has a flat plate solar collector. The absorber plates are made from copper. The titanium nitrite coating ensures that 95% of the energy is absorbed, the glass used is low iron tempered glass, which has 92% transmittance. Aluminum is used to make the outer body of the heater which is corrosion proof. It can be used for residential water heating, space heating, as well as, for heating water in a swimming pool. The panels are durable and last for a very long period of time.
SolarPro Solar Water Heater
If you are looking for a solar heater for the swimming pool, then you will want to consider this model. It can be used for above-the-ground as well as in-ground swimming pools. The advantage this heater has over other solar pool heaters is that, the other heaters can also be attached to this one if the size if the pool is large, or if you would rather want to swim in warmer water. It has a protective cover, so that heat transfer can be stopped, when not required.
Bradford White Ecostar SC
This model uses an indirect system, in which the internal single wall heat exchanger provides efficient heat transfer from heated water in solar collectors to the surrounding water. It also has an immersed electric heating element, which is useful as a backup. The single coil heating method is used for heating up water on cloudy days. Installing this model is not a difficult task either. There is a 2" thick non CFC foam installation that ensures less loss of heat from the heater.
After reading the above reviews, you will have questions about the maintenance of these heaters. No doubt, like any other appliance you will have to take care of this one as well. If it is maintained properly, it will last much longer. The maintenance will have to be carried out once every 2 to 3 years. In case of any electrical components, they will need timely replacement. Once you start using these water heaters, you will be proud that you are doing your little share for energy conservation and ensuring the environment is less polluted. This feeling is something, which money cannot buy.