Solar Panel Efficiency Comparison

Before buying a solar panel, it is important to do solar panel efficiency comparison so as to get a product with better efficiency in budgeted price. Read on to know about some of the best solar companies and their best products available in the market.
HelpSaveNature Staff
Solar panels are one of the best examples of the utilization of renewable source of energy. They are considered to be very effective in reducing the electricity bill as once installed properly, you can use this form of energy for more than 25 years. In the early years, electricity generated from the solar panel was very expensive and many people were not ready to use it. But in the past few years, the technology has shown tremendous miracles and made this eco-friendly form of energy more efficient and less expensive. So, now it is an affordable form of energy. But before going to buy any such product, you should do a proper solar panel efficiency comparison, which will help you to choose the best solar panel for your home or office.
Factors Affecting Solar Panel Efficiency
Before starting with the comparison you need to first understand the factors on which solar panel efficiency depends. If these factors are not considered, even the best solar panel will not be able to give desirable results. Hence, consider the following factors before investing money on solar panels.
  • The most important factor is, for how much time the sun shines at your place. If you are living in such an area where the sun shines just for 1 or 2 hours then installing a solar panel will be of no use.
  • Technology is the second factor. You should go for a solar panel which has the latest technology. This will make your solar panel more efficient as the technology keeps improving day by day.
  • The sunlight should come directly to the panels without any obstruction, as shades may reduce the panels efficiency to a great extend. Hence finding a sunny place is very important.
  • Solar panel for your house will also depend upon the size of it. If your house is very big you need to be prepared for a greater cost and a bigger panel to get better efficiency.
Solar Panel Efficiency Comparison
By now you must be pretty much sure whether to have a solar panel installed at home or not. This comparison will give you an idea of solar panel efficiency over time and price. The solar panel efficiency is considered maximum at 17-20%. Hence, by calculating the efficiency you can guess the product's quality and capability. Here, I am going to give you information about a few solar panel companies and their efficient products.
☀ Sunpower
Sunpower ranks among the top companies in the solar panel efficiency rating. They use the high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. They have a new system of solar panels which is 23% efficient but it is not available for home use. The best part of this company is their affordable solar panel cost. So, you can say that you will get one of the best solar panels at the best rate. Some of the efficient products of Sunpower are SunPower SPR-200-BLK, SunPower SPR-205-BLK, SunPower E19 Series and SunPower E18 Series.
☀ Sanyo
Sanyo is a global company which is one of the best makers of solar panels. They use the 'HIT technology' which is the latest in the solar panel world. They have a huge number of products and their efficiency is renowned all over the world. Some of their efficient products are HIT Power 215N (NKHA6), HIT Power 210N (NKHA5), HIT Double 195, HIP-200BA3 and HIP-200DA3.
☀ Kyocera Solar
Kyocera has made its presences felt with its amazing quality and efficiency. They use highly efficient multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. with this product great efficiency can be achieved in approximately $100 less than the other brands. The company gives 20 years factory warranty and 25 year power output warranty. Some of its top products are KD300-80 Series, KD200-60 Series, KD200-54 Series and KD100-36 FSX Series.
Efficiency Comparison Graph
You can find the names of some of the topmost companies with their maximum product efficiency. The efficiency rate has been taken from various sources available in the market and it may vary from one market to another.
Solar Panel Efficiency Comparison
Sunpower 17.68%
Sanyo Electric 17.64%
Kyocera Solar 15.4%
Schuco USA 15.08%
Suntech Power 15.0%
Canadian Solar 14.20%
Sharp 14.0%
Siliken Modules 13.55%
Phono Solar 13.52%
ET Solar Industry 13.52%
So, here we come to an end of solar panel efficiency comparison. Check the efficiency of the products with the company and collect details about it before buying the product. Go for the best solar panel for electricity generation, which is not only efficient in its work but which can also fit into your budget. So, use solar energy which is one of the best renewable source of energy to fight energy crises and to save the earth.