Cell Phone Recycling for Money

It is a human tendency that money is always paid great attention. So no matter, if you get it for recycling cell phones or doing a great business. Wait . . . did I say that? Yes, it is possible for you to earn money just by recycling your cell phone. Wondering, how and where?
HelpSaveNature Staff
With millions of cell phones being dumped unsafely, cell phone recycling has become the latest trend. You will be glad to know that cell phone recycling has become a popular way of making some extra income amongst youngsters, teenagers and the adults alike.
Ever Thought about Cell Phone Recycling?
Two decades ago, cell phones were considered a luxury. Now, they are a necessity. Be it in the personal or professional life, it is next to impossible to be able to live without them. But did you ever thought where does all the old cell phones go, if you threw them away? If you are discarding your cell phones, without any caution, they probably will land up in landfills polluting the environment. Yes, given the unprecedented scale on which cell phones are dumped every year in US, cell phone pollution has become the gnawing problem for environmentalists. Cell phones and their rechargeable batteries are made up of substances that are potentially toxic in nature. Every year, millions of old or second hand cell phones are thrown away without complying with the laws of recycling, as per stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dumping used cell phones in an unsafe manner risks lives, as the lethal chemicals can mix in land and water to reach to our bodies.
Earn Money By Recycling Cell Phones
How to recycle your cell phone to make money? Since money is a big motivation for people, even those who are lazy in their attitude with respect to recycling will feel worthy, if they get something in return of their efforts. The Internet is the best tool to find places to recycle your cell phone and make money. A lot of small, mid size and large organizations have been established to help people recycle cell phones. All you require is to give away your old cell phones and in return, they will pay you money (between US$1 to US$20), as per some fixed standards set by the company.
Cell phone recycling for money programs can help you to earn hundreds of dollars because all companies involved in this business also let you earn on per referral basis. So more the number of people you refer to for recycling their electronic waste, more will be your earnings! While you fill your pocket with some extra income, you will also help the environment greatly!
Non-for-profit Organizations and Recycling
In every state or city in the US, be it California or Florida, there are a large number of private communities, non-for-profit organizations that are encouraging customers to recycle cell phones. These communities or networks have authentic presence online and that has made it possible for them to reach out to a large number of customers. Giving you a list of numerous local companies/communities/businesses in every state or city, is not possible in this article. However, you can take the help of the Internet and search about organizations in your locality that can help you to get your phone recycled. Money is paid either in cash or is transferred to your account. Understand that you may not earn money for every cell phone that you send for recycling. The cell phones you have chosen to recycle must qualify certain criteria established by the firm. While completely spoiled or damaged cell phones can be sent for recycling, you must not expect to earn money by giving them away. This is because, components of recycled cell phones are utilized in making new phones and if the cell phone is not in a proper condition, paying you for it, from the viewpoint of the recycling agency, doesn't make any sense.
Remember that networks and communities involved in the recycling process are not very large companies, they are mostly non-for-profit organizations with limited funds. You will only be paid, if your cell phone is worth it. If you don't want to get paid, you can simply donate your cell to any charity which may benefit from it. You can find numerous charities and trusts that accept cell phone donations from citizens online.
Cell Phone Manufacturers and Recycling
Almost all major cell phone manufacturers have come up with their programs and initiatives to help citizens to submit their used cell phones for recycling. You can mail you cell phones, PDAs, batteries or any other electronic items to service providers like Nokia, Sprint, Verizon, Samsung etc., on the addresses provided at their official websites. However, if you mail it to retailers or service providers, you may not get paid, as in most of these cases, service providers are not providing any money for recycling cell phones. Nevertheless, you can drop off your cell phones at these service provider retail stores, as you can rest assured of the fact that these top-notch companies will do every bit to recycle it by following correct methods.
In case you want more information regarding governments initiatives to reduce "electronic pollution", you can visit the official website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cell phone recycling for money is a novel idea to encourage cell phone users all across the world to participate in electronic recycling revolution. Be a part of it and do make a difference. Remember, every cell phone recycled safely, counts a lot.