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Advantages and Potential Disadvantages of Using Wind Turbines

Advantages of Wind Turbines
The advantages of wind turbines surpass its drawbacks by leaps and bounds, thereby making it an exceptionally feasible option for windy areas. This alternative form of renewable energy is the need of the hour, and must be used by all countries on a larger scale.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2019
Wind energy has not seeped into the main grid of electricity consumption where large-scale economies and population exist. Nonetheless, the possibilities of this eco-friendly and renewable source of energy are being expanded beyond its existing limits.
The onshore wind energy produced by large turbines, was equivalent of 42.1% of Denmark's total electricity in 2015.
Aerial View Of Wind Turbine
Wind energy is gaining popularity at a very scattered and slow rate, because not all onshore areas receive adequate amounts of persistent wind so as to propel the turbines for continuous electricity supply.
Yacht Ship Airplane And Offshore Wind Farm
Also, wind electricity cannot be transferred to distant regions and thus has to be distributed to the sectors near the turbine. On the other hand offshore wind turbines receive a lot more supply of wind and electricity, however, only areas closer to the offshore are able to utilize its benefits.
Unless of course electric transmission lines are built that reach the big cities, there isn't much that can be done at the moment. What we do need to consider is that even small steps at reducing pollution, green house gases, and the use of non-renewable energy can help make earth cleaner by leaps and bounds.
Benefits of Wind Energy and Turbines
Wind turbines
❈ Wind energy is clean and does not produce carbon dioxide, other pollutants. It uses natural wind of environment to produce electricity and energy. Turbines don't need fuel or other substitutes to run properly.
❈ Unlike nuclear power grids, wind energy does not need to deal with radioactive substitutes or face possible dangers of radioactive exposure and leakage. The only source that wind turbines need in order to function is wind and a foundation to be placed upon.
❈ Wind is free! So, apart from the initial installment expenses, the rest is all yours to benefit from. The entire cost of construction and installation of a wind turbine, is nowhere close to that of thermal and nuclear power plants. The cost of maintenance, safety, and replacement are also considerably lesser.
Domestic wind turbine
❈ Since 2007, there are smaller turbines available which can be installed by individuals on the roof tops of their houses, and is similar to how solar panels can be fitted. This ensures that clean electricity is perpetually being produced as well as consumed, by those who avail it.
❈ Wind energy provides sufficient electricity to power hundreds of houses in a given sector. A small wind turbine when placed on top of skyscrapers and farmhouses, provides enough electricity to meet the requirements of the house, while ensuring backup in batteries and generators.
❈ Wind energy produces more electricity with the increase in the size of the turbines as well as the supply of wind. This is another reason why big wind turbines are placed in open lands, so that the span of the rotor and the blades are large.
❈ While the turbines may look mighty, the base of the turbines needs very little space to be stationed securely. Also, since the blades are usually 30 feet above ground level, the land can be used for cultivation and other monetarily beneficial purposes. This way the inhabitants of the area can continue making their livelihood.
❈ Contrary to popular misconceptions, these eco-friendly turbines are a necessity for both the developed, developing as well as the underdeveloped countries of this world.
Wind turbine near road
❈ These turbines can always be used as backup in case of extreme situations, wherein thermal electricity is unavailable. Remote areas where it is difficult for electricity to reach, can instead opt for wind electricity for their basic needs, provided, they are located in wind accessible areas.
Such areas can also generate more income by levying property tax and lease on the land that holds these turbines.
❈ This source of electricity is not hindered by economic fluctuations, such as high fuel prices or escalating prices of fossil fuels, transportation, mining complications, etc. On the contrary, wind energy will remain affordable and stable.
This means of energy also provides employment opportunities, to a wide spectrum of professionals, such as engineers, inventors, technicians, manufacturers, and their employees.
❈ Wind energy is absolutely safe for humans as well as nature. No by-products are produced through this form of electricity and therefore does not contaminate the air, soil, or water resources in any possible manner.
❈ This natural source of electricity and energy does not require mining, or transportation, or other unnecessary and wasteful resources in order to get the job done. Instead wind energy can be harnessed and sent directly to the source of need, as long as the source is within the range of the turbine.
❈ While wind turbines are being modified through newer technology, it seems that they create some bit of noise. However, newer and more advanced models seem to have reduced this fault to a large extent. Soon these turbines will be completely noiseless.
❈ In most countries a legal permit is required so as to be able to set up a wind turbine in any area, which depends on the zoning bylaws, environmental assessments for larger turbines, liabilities, and insurance. All of which require basic precautions be taken so as to ensure that the safety and technical necessities are followed.
❈ Wind is not constant. The supply depends on weather conditions, therefore, it cannot be relied on completely in areas where blowing wind is not at a constant high velocity.

❈ The required transmission lines haven't been installed that can make it possible for offshore electricity to be delivered to bigger cities.
Lightning bolts damaging wind turbines
❈ Wind turbines are more likely to get damaged due to lightning bolts, in warmer climates. Some also claim that these turbines cause harm to birds and bats, however these instances are extremely rare.
❈ The initial cost of setting up a wind turbine borders on unaffordable for many individuals. However, smaller, more compact and affordable models have been introduced, which dampens this drawback considerably. This is also a one-time investment which offers a lifetime of eco-friendly electricity and a healthy environment for humanity.
Well, if the truth be told, normal levels of pollution and toxins end up doing a lot more damage to the environment which cannot be quantified. The advantages are far greater than the disadvantages of wind turbines and in the long-run, the benefits are bound to increase.
When combined with solar, and hydro energy, there might just come a time when we would no longer need polluting and toxic means for producing electricity. Every step counts in making earth greener, so take yours today.