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Environmental Issues in China

Environmental Issues in China That'll Inflict Mayhem in the World

Great progress comes at a great price. This can be seen in the form of environmental issues in China, which threaten to wreak havoc on one of the potential candidates in the global superpowers race.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
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~ Mahatma Gandhi
We've often heard our elders telling us that haste makes waste and there is a proper time for everything. As fast as humanity is racing towards the pinnacle of technological success, it is leaving a toxic trail of environmental hazards behind, that would be the bane of our future generations. If at all achieved, cleaning up the already created mess would take up almost as much time as creating it did. The environmental issues in China hold testimony to the heavy cost that needs to be paid, when one wishes to score a double-promotion in terms of industrial growth and to outstrip all other contenders of the Richest Economy of the World title. The population scenario was overwhelming enough and now with the various ecological hazards looming large over China, environmental issues of gargantuan proportions are threatening to unleash chaos in this Oriental country, that was once regarded as the shrine of natural and holistic health care sciences. Let's take a look at some of the most malevolent and malignant environmental issues in this country, which are threatening the biosphere of this region.
Certain Environmental Problems of China
Enumerated below are a few of the environmental issues in China, that pose the greatest threat to the ecology of this country and surrounding regions. Take a look, learn a lesson, and be afraid, as this could happen to the whole world if humanity continues violating nature the same way as it has been doing since centuries.
Air Pollution
After being touted as the most populous country of the world, China, it seems, is headed towards bagging the Most Polluted Country of the World title. No offense meant, but the way the nitrogen dioxide levels are increasing in the air (thanks to a virulent propagation of power plants, heavy industries, and vehicular traffic), it wouldn't come across as a shock if more people in this country succumb to breathing air, than smoking cigarettes. Air pollution is perhaps the chief environmental problem that this country is facing today.
If the recent expansion in the Gobi desert's surface area by over 900 square miles doesn't set off the alarm, then I don't know what else would! Rapid industrialization at a ruthless pace has led to the recession of rivers and natural water sources, so much so that areas which used to be annually flooded are now almost dry. This is a direct result of erecting various dams and tampering with the natural flow of rivers, for purpose of furthering the interests of industrialization and for accommodating the ever-increasing agricultural needs, owing to the ever exploding population.
Water Shortage
All things in nature are interlinked with each other. When one aspect or natural resource gets affected, the vibrations are felt by everything else. Drying up of ground water and desertification are the diseases that are symptomized by water stress and supply shortage.
Electronic Waste Accumulation
When it comes to being the dumping ground of electronic waste, China tops the chart. It is believed that approximately one million tons of electronic waste is shipped to the Guangdong province, making this country the highest e-waste recipient. Curious to know where a major chunk of this waste is shipped from? United States, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.
Climate Changes
Drastic climate change, as a result of air, water, and soil pollution, is threatening the ecological balance of this country and its surrounding regions. China ranks as one of the largest green house gas emitters in the world, with its indiscriminate pace of industrialization and the ever-increasing vehicular traffic, leaving behind noxious carbon footprints of catastrophic proportions.
Soil pollution, acid rains, drastic soil erosion, red tides around coastal areas, dust storms, and deforestation, are some of the other grave issues in China. While the government and administrative authorities seem to have woken up to these issues and are making efforts towards reversing the baneful effects of environmental pollution and toxic emissions, a lot still remains to be done. The fact that the Yangtze dolphin's extinction has been officially confirmed and reports of the Three Gorges Dam acting as an active trigger for landslides, should give the rest of the world enough reason to stop in their tracks and DO SOMETHING. For a start, certain countries can take an anti-waste-dumping initiative to stop the damage where it is, before China can embark upon taking steps to reverse the same.
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