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Conservation of Natural Resources

Conservation of Natural Resources

We've all begun to experience the effects of the depletion of natural resources. To live comfortably in the coming years, conservation of natural resources is extremely essential. Just doing a little bit, can make a vast difference, and help us save some of these wonderful natural resources for the coming generations.
Puja Lalwani
Wind Turbines in a Row in The Midwestern Landscape
At the beginning of the human civilization, the earth was abundant with all those natural resources that are essential for the survival of life. Water, air, greenery, were all aplenty. Then came the discovery of oil and gas, which began to be used for a variety of purposes. Over time, all the natural resources became the root of major inventions; water, oil and gas for electricity and travel, trees for paper and furniture, land for agriculture, development of living spaces, etc. There are many other uses of these natural resources. Because everything was available in abundance, no one ever considered the fact that casual use of these would slowly lead to their depletion, and leave us stranded in a world where we are now so dependent on all our creations.

It is a known fact that if we are not careful, the survival of all life forms will become increasingly difficult. Here we try to explain to you, why the conservation of natural resources is so essential, and how to go about the process with some guidelines.

Why Conserving Natural Resources is Important

There is something called a balance in nature. As we continue to overuse natural resources, a serious imbalance has been caused. Deforestation, depletion of oil and gas, shortage of water and power, soil erosion leading to lack of agricultural growth, are all contributing to environmental issues such as global warming and environmental pollution. Interestingly, it is these environmental issues that are leading to further shortage of natural resources. Simply put, we are trapped in a vicious circle. As mentioned earlier, saving the constant loss of these invaluable resources, or simply, natural resources conservation is essential for survival. Environmentalists have already predicted major shortages and even the complete extinction of natural resources such as oil and gas, if we continue depleting these at the present rate.

Ways of Conserving Natural Resources

Unfortunately, our dependence on these resources has made their conservation an arduous task. Fortunately, it is not a task that is impossible. Take a look at how you can do your bit and contribute to these simple ways to save the environment.

Conserving Trees
Trees give us the oxygen we breathe, the paper we use, the fruit we eat, the shade we need from the brutal sunlight, and are essential for the survival of wildlife. To save this indispensable natural resource, find out how to go green at home.
  • Use only recycled paper products. It takes a lot of trees to make a small amount of paper. You can save these by recycling the paper you use, whether you write on it or print on it.
  • Avoid using paper unnecessarily. For instance, printing every piece of information is not necessary. Sign up for e-billing and net banking services so that paper bills and bank statements are avoided.
  • Plant a tree. A lot of environmental agencies are giving away trees for adoption. You can plant a sapling in your name, and watch it grow over the years, as your bit for the environment.
  • Don't limit conservation only to yourself and your home or office. Spread the word, and participate in tree conservation projects that happen in your locality, town or city.
Conserving Water
Water is a basic resource for all our activities. We clean with water, we cook with water, and the production of every item of use requires the use of water. Several parts of the world are now facing a water shortage because of the way in which it is being used. Conserving this natural resource is of prime importance for the stability of the environment.
  • Firstly, if you have any leaky faucets or those that don't work properly, get them fixed. Every drop of water is precious.
  • Use a bucket of water to bathe rather than using the shower. You may not realize how much water you are wasting when you use a shower for a bath.
  • The same goes for dishes. The use of water filled in a sink, or a tub can really help you save large amounts of this natural resource. You may find the method to be slightly old and arduous, but it is something that you must do if you wish to leave behind at least a little of these resources for the coming generations.
  • Stop dumping things in the seas and rivers and lakes. Not only does marine life get affected, the water becomes polluted and dangerous for use thereafter.
  • Try to harvest rainwater. You can use it to water your garden and plants, and even clean your car. Don't use it for any other purposes and definitely do not drink it.
Conserving Energy
The prime use of energy comes from oil and gas, which power the vehicles we drive. However, the increasing number of cars and the amount of pollution that is caused as a result, is now becoming hazardous and leading to several health problems. Then comes electricity, the generation of which is becoming more and more difficult. To know more about energy saving, follow some of these methods.
  • Try to avoid using your vehicle as much as possible. If you live close to your work place, choose to walk instead of taking your car. It saves the environment and it's healthy for you too.
  • Wherever and whenever possible, try to use a cycle as a means of transport. This is one of the best ways of conserving natural resources.
  • Analyze whether every member of your family requires a vehicle. Sometimes one car per family is really enough. The rest are just means of luxury, which at a time like this, cannot be afforded.
  • Try to use public transport. If a group of people choose this option, it means those many vehicles less on the streets, which means saving some gas, the prices of which are sky-rocketing because it is becoming so scarce.
  • Invest in a hybrid car that uses both electricity, and a small amount of gas to function.
  • Invest in lower energy consuming lights and bulbs. Avoid the use of halogens and other such lights. Also remember to switch off all your electrical appliances when not in use.
  • An interesting point to note is that even when your television, microwave oven, or computer is on standby it consumes electricity. Switch off all of these when you don't need to use them.
  • Turn to solar energy. Nowadays, solar heaters, solar cookers, and a lot of other appliances that function on the energy provided by the sun are available. Investing in these helps save electricity as well as natural gas.
  • Go for products such as air-conditioners and refrigerators that have energy star ratings. These consume lesser electricity and even reduce your bills, and definitely reduce the effects of global warming that is affecting all life forms.
Natural resources conservation can be done in several other ways too. Simply making an effort to spread the word is a great way of doing your bit for the world you live in. Set an example for others to follow when it comes to the conservation of natural resources, that is so fundamental for the survival of mankind in these trying times.