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Biodegradable Products List

Make the Earth Safer: A Huge List of Biodegradable Products

What are biodegradable products and why are they so crucial for the health of the environment? We must make ourselves aware of the items which are eco-friendly and can be used for our day-to-day life in order to help nature survive...
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
For many years, nature groups have been imploring us to convert and turn towards eco-friendly products. They have never asked for too much, and have instead requested that we take small and simple steps in order to cause lesser pollution on earth. The reason for their upheaval is that people all over the world create their share of pollution every day, the end result can be devastating and irreparable. Small menial measures can help make the area we live in, safer for inhabitation for us as well as our coming generation.
These small steps involve using biodegradable products which do not harm the Earth or the atmosphere. These steps involve measures taken by us in conserving water, electricity and fuel; avoiding the purchase of processed foods which are sold in plastic packages; turning to renewable sources for energy, such as solar, wind, water and magnetic energy, etc. Let us first understand why some products are biodegradable while others are not.
What are Biodegradable Products?
Biodegradable products are those which are made of naturally processed ingredients, and do not contain any synthetic components. Such products dissolve or are broken down through physiological means and organisms such as bacteria, and fungi help turn the matter into eco-friendly waste. These products are best known for their ability to decompose or degrade into natural and non toxic substances, which then blend with the soil. Secondly these products can, be put through recycling after which they are reverted into their previous form. For instance, paper is a biodegradable product which is made up of wood pulp. When used and discarded paper is recycled, it forms into reusable paper once again. After which this paper can be made into notebook pages, cards, paper cups, bags, coffee mug holders and many other items.
On the other hand, a discarded plastic packet will remain inert or unchanged, when dumped in the soil. Biological organisms cannot decompose non-biodegradable products such as plastic, metal, synthetic items, chemicals, etc. In fact these friendly organisms are often killed when trying to deal with synthetic products. The reason being that, one of the harmful effects of plastic bags is the toxic colors used for beautifying the plastic package. These toxins dissolve into the Earth, which then seep into the water table and into the soil, and eventually contaminate as well as poison both. These toxins then enter our food chain, then our bodies and thus cause diseases. As for the plastic, it will remain embedded in the soil forever unless, it is recycled or destroyed through industrial process.
Examples of Biodegradable Products
We use paper in some form or the other in our daily lives. It could either be in the form of paper towels, napkins, notebooks, newspaper, postal mail, brown paper bags, receipts, parking tickets, paper plates and cups, forms and applications or even post aids. Since we are surrounded with paper, why not reuse it?!
Make it a point from now onwards, to throw your used paper in a recycle bin, so that it can be cleansed, processed and recycled into reusable paper. Recycling paper creates no pollution and helps the felling of more trees. The reason being that since paper is derived from tree pulp, many trees need to be permanently destroyed. If used paper is recycled and reused, we would not be required to cut further tress in order to get more paper, since we would already have plenty!
Natural Fabric
You can switch to fashionably tailored clothes made up of either cotton, jute, linen, wool or silk fabric. Natural fabrics, except silk, are more economical, comfortable to wear and airy. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, natural fabrics are biodegradable and do not undergo synthetic processing. The many benefits of these products is that, they decompose easily and do not produce toxic byproducts. On the other hand nylon, polyester, lycra, etc. are made through synthetic processing and are non-biodegradable fabrics. So this is your time to switch to cotton pants, skirts, and tops. You may try using natural fabrics as, bed and cushion covers, tablecloth, curtains, bathing towels, floor mats, or even lingerie and many other things.
Jute Cloth Bags
Here is a long-lasting option, which will ensure that you no longer remain a polluter. Use a cloth bag made up of jute and other natural fabrics. These stay intact for years and are sturdy enough to carry all your groceries. You can buy attractive and trendy bags from nature stores in almost any city or town. What many people are unaware of is the fact that a plastic bag, will take thousands of years to break down and decompose, which is too long a time to wait and too much of a burden on nature to bear.
Kitchen Waste
All vegetable peels, chicken bones, eggshells and waste foods are biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer for mixing with the soil. This waste contains nutrients which are much-needed for plants to grow. All the vegetable waste can be used as fodder for cattle animals, such as cows, horses, poultry and pigs. Even if you do not own a garden, or a cattle farm, the fact that you are throwing this waste away, will not be causing any pollution because this waste will decompose when its brought in contact with soil.
List of Biodegradable Products
There are many new eco-friendly items which have been introduced into the market. All you need to do is to check the label and make sure that what you are purchasing is actually biodegradable and does not contain artificial ingredients.
Here are some items which are now made with natural and biodegradable products.
  • Biodegradable detergent and soap
  • Lemon batteries
  • Beeswax
  • Stationary such as pencils, folders and erasers
  • Plant pesticides
  • Plant stakes
  • Flower pots
  • Jute curtains
  • Diapers
  • Waste bags
  • Cups, plates and other utensils
  • Glue and paint
  • Hair care products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Compost bins
With growing awareness and the urgency of our times, more and more manufacturing companies are going green and producing innovative, eco-friendly as well as affordable products. These products are equally effective and long-lasting, which makes them a logical choice. So go ahead and introduce biodegradable items into your daily life and help make the Earth a greener and safer place.
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