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Which Trends to Follow for Sustainable Packaging

Anna Scott Aug 3, 2019
Due to increase in plastic pollution and aquatic life being endangered, many companies have taken this responsibility to introduce sustainable materials in all circles of life. Similarly, for custom and corrugated packaging, there are lots of trends doing rounds which can be followed for promoting such a cause.

Re-use the Packaging

One way to reduce the waste and pollution is to reuse packaging items. For example, during house shifting a lot of boxes can be used again which are usually just lying around the house.
In this way, they will not be needed to throw. From an economic point of view, it also reduces cost as you will not have to buy boxes again and again.

Change Plastic with Paper

Plastic is the main culprit that is causing a lot of waste and pollution. It takes many years for simple plastic to decompose. A lot of our waste is thrown in oceans which endangers the species living there.
Instead of using plastic for your products, switch to paper as much as you can just like the big brands which have switched to paper over plastic usage.

Use Biodegradable Materials

When you are designing custom printed boxes, you can look into the option of choosing biodegradable materials. Such materials can decompose easily and faster too.
Unlike plastics, they are not that harmful for any living being. They may be a little more expensive than usual packaging, but it is a one-time investment.

Reduce the Amount and Layers of Packaging

Only do the necessary amount of packaging required to ship the products safely. A lot of brands add a lot of fillers, thermopile and plastic sheets wrapped around the product just for presentation or either filling the empty spaces.
Instead, try to reduce the extra layers. Some products may be affected this way as reduced packaging may alter the shelf-life.

Innovate New Ideas

This concept of eco-friendly products is not new, but still not practiced so widely. Therefore, there might be limited options on the market when it comes to choosing sustainable products.
Try to create new ideas about how you can change the packaging and make it more earth friendly. The best way is to search for new ideas, thoughts and making new materials.


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