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You Should Know What Can Be Recycled, Lest You Do Something Wrong!

What Can Be Recycled
Knowing what can be recycled would do us much good since many of us don't know if what we're disposing of can be reused.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
If there's one thing a lot of people couldn't care two hoots about, it's recycling. Many of us know what the benefits are and how it would help not just the environment but the people as well, but we don't really see the need to be a part of that move. Maybe it's because we think that not everything can be recycled, or the lack of not knowing that there are companies out there that can help recycle these goods.
Whatever your reason is for not helping out, it's time you did because you'd not only be saving a lot of money, but you'd be globally doing your part in the drive to go green. Many of us think that only paper and plastics are recyclable, being the number one elements that always crop up when it comes to recycling. Wrong. There are so many things out there that go obsolete or conk out but the only solution can't be to dump these in the trash.
Things that Can Be Recycled
These things cover a lot of what we see in trash cans and junkyards, where recycling them will do the world a ton of good, and possibly get you some extra cash in the bargain. Let's take a look at what you can recycle, of things you don't require or need anymore.
  • Wine corks
  • Water filters
  • Phone books
  • Metal/plastic bottle caps
  • Pizza boxes (without grease/leftover bits of cheese)
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Plaster straws
Things from Home You Can Recycle
To understand the concept of recycling it is important to know what harm we're doing to the environment especially when we can do something about it. It works both ways - not just the earth is catered to, but you yourself. Just be sure to get in touch with a company that can recycle your stuff and even pay you for bringing them in. Let's find what stuff can have their uses revived.
  • Candle wax once it has melted away, with the wick burnt down to its last, doesn't have to be tossed away. It can be remelted and made into creative molds that you can lay in and then set, or you could embed it with unwanted junk pieces to make for an interesting centerpiece. How about even using it as a way to preserve flowers by first melting off white wax and carefully covering, say a rose, with a thin layer of this. Watch it set, and find yourself with a waxed covered rose that will live for as long as you keep it.
  • Light bulbs can be recycled, because of their make. It isn't regular glass, so can be used again. Find out where you can give these off either from online or a place in your city.
  • Office supplies are usually tossed away without so much as a glance. You can reuse these, since elements like wood, plastic and metal are most definitely recyclable.
  • Old CDs that you don't want around the house anymore, can either be used to make an interesting art object or given to the right place for reuse to make the most of its reusable parts.
  • Old clothing can be remade into dish cloths, socks even or into cushion covers. Experiment with different materials that you see no use for, including bed covers, curtains or old blankets and turn them into creations like purses, handbags and so on. Turn what you have at home into things you could use for another purpose. If you don't fancy the idea of stitching, hold a garage sale in your home or backyard, and sell off what you can.
  • Clocks, watches, paintings, candle holders and anything that fills up a home that people constantly replace and discard can be recycled by a company that deals with reusing items or given away to charity.
  • Old toys and clothes that are too small for kids to wear anymore, or cribs and prams can be given away to orphanages to be made use of by them instead.
  • Accessories can be reused again as jewelry for fabrics, or collected in bulk and give away to a recycle company.
  • Food when not thrown away, can be used as compost. Just keep an area out back to make the compost, where you can either use it while gardening or sell it to those who'd like to use it as a fertilizer in their own gardens.
  • Sunglasses and eyeglasses can be smashed and remodeled again by companies to make new pieces.
  • Ink cartridges are reusable as well, where you can get them refilled once they run dry, or given back to a company that can reuse them where you can get cash for handing them over.
  • Car parts and tires are also reusable in nature.
  • Furniture can be reupholstered or sold to those who'd like to own a new set that is still in good shape. If you're dealing with one that is falling apart, it would be much cheaper to mend it and have the fabric replaced than buying a new set all together.
  • Electronics of any kind are recyclable. From computers, television sets, and other personal computers to music players, cooking ranges, and cell phones - all of it can be made of use again. You can even sell these off, have a garage sell, give them away to charity, or have a recycling company pick them up and pay you for the stuff.
  • Work tools and even water filters are recyclable. Before you replace them and toss these away, have someone tell you how you can recycle these by getting in touch with the right companies.
The benefits of recycling are aplenty but we need to take that initiative to do what we can to help our planet. Why spend so much money on what you can use again when you can reuse them again for another purpose? Get creative and find out ways on how you can be a helping hand for what can be recycled, without adding to the problem.
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