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Ways to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle in Our Modern Age

James Anderson Nov 2, 2019
Living a sustainable lifestyle not only benefits our present health and wellbeing, but also helps to improve the longevity of our natural resources and environment. Thereupon, our future generations may also benefit from living in a healthy environment.

There Is Still Hope

Our choices and lifestyles have an effect on the environment. So it's our responsibility to manage our resources responsibly, by reducing our environmental footprint and leaving room for cohabitating wildlife to grow and thrive. We can do this by making a few small lifestyle changes which will have a big impact on the health and wellness of our environment.

Travel Green

Reducing your carbon footprint will help change the amount of pollution in our atmosphere. You can cut on carbon emissions by walking to nearby places, invest in a bike stand and use your bike to drive to surrounding areas or make use of carpooling to locations that are a little further from you. There is also the option of acquiring an electric vehicle.

Buy Smartly

A phrase that you've probably heard somewhere: 'Before you head out to buy something, ask yourself if you truly really need it'. The manufacturing of products contributes to environmental pollution and waste materials that are being dumped in rapidly filling landfills. Try and buy smart so that it will have the least amount of environmental impacts.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Before just throwing everything away, try to repurpose it for something else. Or at least see if you can recycle it. Materials like plastic and styrofoam are scattered all over our oceans, covering up to 40%, and terrestrial areas. Not only does it look horrific, but it's also a great danger to wildlife, who get tangled in it, smothered by it or ingests it.

Smart Energy Homes

Reduce energy usage by ensuring that your home is properly insulated and equipped with energy-saving light bulbs. Try to move away from using fossil fuels. Look to invest in green energy sources such as solar and wind power. You can get a free energy audit by some energy providers to determine specific ways your home can save on its energy consumption.

Save Water

Another way of living more sustainably is by conserving water. There are options for household items, such as water-saving showerheads, water-efficient, and dual-flush toilets. Washing machines now also come equipped with sensors to determine how much water to use for each load. For landscaping, look drought-resistant plants that require less watering.

Small Changes Have Big Impacts

If every single person would just make a few small changes in their daily routines and lifestyle, humanity will be well on its way to bettering the health and well-being of our environment and ensuring the availability and sustainability of our resources and natural environment for future generations.