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Waste Oil: Burners, Heaters and Boilers

Buzzle Staff Sep 23, 2018
Waste oils are not totally useless. Read on to know more about waste oil and the heaters, boilers, and burners associated with it.
The term, waste oil, is used to talk about any synthetic or petroleum-based oil that has become unsuitable for its original purpose, due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties. This happens because of continuous use or rough handling.

Who are The Users?

Waste oil is used by any firm that generates acceptable quantities of it and has a need for the facility of heating or processing hot water. Fleet shops, automobiles, heavy equipment dealers and service centers, agricultural facilities, fast lube dealers, greenhouses, and small garages, all of them come under the users.

Waste Oil Management Program

The program teaches us how we can make a difference by following a few steps. The steps for waste motor oil recycling have been listed here.
● Ensure that oil is not spilled on the floor.
● Store waste oil in a clean plastic container that has a tight lid. Make sure that while storing it, you never place it in a container that once stored chemicals, beverages, and food.
● Ascertain that it is not mixed with things like paint, solvent, or antifreeze.
● Take the bottle in which you have stored it to a service station or any other location that collects and recycles it.

Burners, Heaters, and Boilers

Today a lot of waste oil is recycled through burners instead of being shipped offsite. This method is one that has received approval and allows the shop owner to utilize the BTUs of the waste oil for free hot water or heating the shop.
The generators also protect the company from environmental risks that are associated with having the oil hauled up. There is a liability called the cradle-to-grave liability that is assigned to every generator.
This is based on every gallon of waste oil that is shipped from the site of generation, forever. It is because of all this that business owners and managers strive to become users of waste oils instead of being shippers. The heaters, boilers, and burners that are available in the market reduce the heating costs significantly.

Industrial Boilers

Water Heater

For the general disposal/heating for energy purposes, the waste oil furnace is used. This knowledge has spread and many more people are opting to use the burners, heaters, and boilers.
The wide range of products that are available in the market have made the choice easier too! Apart from the choice available in the market, many users are making their own homemade burners using various methods.