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The Different Types of Air Pollution Will Simply Amaze You

Types of Air Pollution
This article presents unto you the different types of pollution regarding the atmosphere. Information about different ways by which air gets polluted, and also the related causes are discussed below.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
The problem of air pollution is a major concern in the 21st century, and has resulted in degradation of the overall quality of life. Industrial revolution lead to the development of many sources, which contribute greatly towards air pollution. Any substance/material that alters the natural composition of air in a negative manner can be termed as an air pollutant. In an increasingly mechanized and industrialized world, rise in this pollution is bound to happen. The different causes of this type of pollution should be identified, and measures should be taken to minimize it.
Causes and Sources
The industries, factories, power plants, and various modes of transportation continuously stay in operation. This results into the generation of pollutants in a far greater degree than other sources. The industrial, vehicular, and dwelling-related pollution are 3 types of air pollution that are considered to be very important.
Industrial Air Pollution
There are many factors that contribute to industrial pollution. The different industries, which play an important part towards increasing the levels of air pollution are petroleum, cement, steel, thermal power plants, paper factories, atomic, pharmaceutical, sugar, foodstuff manufacturing, and pesticides.
The air pollutants viz., hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, together with moisture present in air create smog. Hot and humid weather conditions increases the chances of smog development. This problem resulting from vehicular emissions also occurs in big cities. These emissions also contain many poisonous gases that are harmful for health.
This is caused by aerosols and other associated chemicals. High population density also is one of the major causes of this type of pollution.
The causes regarding accidents are varied. They could be anything like forest fires, blasts that occur in industries, etc. The accidents caused to vehicles that transport petroleum products also result into air pollution.
Types of Air Pollutants
The types of air pollution can be determined on the basis of agents, which pollute the air.
Carbon Monoxide: The inhalation of this gas can be life-threatening. This is because the amount of oxygen that is being delivered to the tissues and organs of the body gets reduced due to carbon monoxide. Effects of pollution resulting from this gas are dizziness and headaches.
Nitrogen Oxide: The percentage of pollution, which results from vehiclular emissions of nitogen dioxide is 34%. Out of this, heavy diesel vehicles produce 42% nitrogen oxide, while the light vehicles including cars account for 52%. The remaining amount is contributed by other vehicles.
Hydrocarbons: Vehicles account for 29% hydrocarbon production. These chemicals are responsible for health problems associated with the respiratory tract. Lung tissues also get damaged by the inhalation of hydrocarbons.
Particlulate Matter: Transportation and industries are both responsible for the production of particulate pollutants. The majority of portion is contributed by industries. Particles in the form solid and liquid states together create a condition called haze.
The information presented above takes into account the mode/action, which results into air pollution. Causes and pollutants responsible for this pollution must have helped you to understand its harmful effects. Hence, protect the environment to live a healthy life, and also to maintain the same for future generations.
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