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Top Wildlife Conservation Organizations

Top Wildlife Conservation Organizations

Every Living being deserves to live in a clean and fresh environment. Hence, there are many such organizations that work towards balancing the Eco-systems with human intervention. The following article lists some well-known wildlife conservation bodies.
Amruta Gaikwad
Our biosphere determines our lives. Cleaner, fresher and well-balanced Eco-systems can stabilize the flow of life on earth. Increasing population and pollution have resulted in cutting down of forests and damaging the habitats of many other living beings. Such an imbalance has major effects on the life forms and eventually lead to damage. Therefore, many wildlife organizations work towards wildlife management by planning and implementing projects. Brush through this article to know about institutions that work towards wildlife conservation.

Best Wildlife Organizations

World Wildlife Fund
This is among the most well-known wildlife organizations that have been working towards protecting biodiversity. The World Wildlife Fund was founded in the year 1961, aimed towards the betterment of nature. This organization protects natural habitats and even lays down projects to save animals. WWF works with both the local communities and government networks in order to minimize the pollution and efficiently use the natural resources.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) is among the conservation organization that works towards preserving wild lands, using energy efficiently, protecting ocean habitats and making a greener and cleaner environment to live. This organization was found in the year 1970 and in a year's time it also won the Clean Air Act, which can be used today to sue the polluters. There are around 350 lawyers and scientists that work for NRDC, which also hold a membership of 1.3 million people.

Oceana focuses mainly on conservation of oceans. For years their main focus has been on balancing the marine Eco-system and also avoid the various hazards. The organization has been successful in their attempts to alleviate shark finning, netting and longline fishing. Oceana has taken many campaigns and usually works on one campaign at a time to obtain optimum results. This conservation organization was established in 2001 and within no time it has been successful in preserving the oceans of the world. They have also worked hard at preserving many endangered marine species. Other than these campaigns, Oceana has also brought about an awareness on keeping the oceans clean.

Conservation International
Conservation International is focused on maintaining Eco-systems with sustainable human use. It was founded in 1987 and works keenly on minimizing pollution and protecting fresh water and even looking after people. Conservation International is an organization that values nature and is always implementing projects that will benefit the planet in the long run.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a zoological society that was founded in the year 1895. Since then, they have supported zoos and aquariums on a global scale. Also, promoting environmental education is one of their main motives, to bring about a positive change in their mission. This organization is known to work on selected endangered species such as elephants, big cats, bears, great apes and other carnivores. They function in regions of Africa, America and Asia.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
The Royal Society focuses on preserving bird habitats and recovering certain species from extinction. The organization was started in the 1889, with the intention of stopping the use of feathers and plumes. For years the organization has been of great support in conserving the various bird species. They have been successful in reintroducing certain species of birds and hindered the decline in wild birds.

The Nature Conservancy
Found in 1951, Nature Conservancy works on protecting natural areas. Their main supporters are non-governmental organizations, corporate partners and other international organizations which focus at acquiring threatened natural lands.

Human beings are dependent on animals and plants for food and shelter. With increasing population and raising demands, many animal and plant species have been pushed to extinction. It is through efforts of such organizations that these living species stand a chance to survive.