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Stackable Recycling Bins

Eco-friendly and Space-saving Stackable Recycling Bins are Great

The stackable recycling bins are not only useful in storing garbage, but also help in sorting and separating it. The use of these eco-friendly containers would boost the efforts of environment conservation to a great extent.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Composting bin
Stackable bins are recycling bins used to save space. It is not possible to set up conventional recycle bins in areas with a shortage of space. Therefore, stackable recycling bins prove to be an alternative for these bins.
Recycling Bins
The containers used to store waste materials before being transferred to the recycling centers are called recycling bins. These bins can be used at different places such as homes, offices, and other public places. The bins enable easy sorting of different types of wastes such as glass, aluminum cans, tins, and plastic bottles.
Stackable Recycling Bins
These bins are easy to handle and prove to be useful in urban areas. Theses bins are either stacked one above the other or are aligned side by side. They act as a sorting place for the garbage produced in the house before it is taken outside. These bins are available in different shapes and sizes, from strong and sturdy bins to stylized colorful ones. They can be placed in different parts of the house including the kitchen, utility rooms, garage, etc. They are made from materials ranging from metals to plastics.
Structure and Shape
These stackable bins are available in different shapes; however, the trapezoidal shape is the one which is commonly used. The lids of these containers are pivoted and allow the waste to be dumped easily. Some of the bins are ergonomically designed which help empty the bag present inside the bin with ease. These bags can be accessed just by lifting the lid. One can even customize the decals that are to be placed on the bins.
They are a safe option in houses with toddlers. Since these bins are in a stacked form, the sharp materials that might harm children can be disposed in the upper stacks. Therefore, the lower stacks can be used by children to dispose off waste. As the bins are strong and sturdy, the chances of children accidentally spilling out the contents are less. It is also easy to store them when not in use.
These bins are thus the tools that help us stack, sort, and separate waste materials in a manner that is easy to handle. They should be installed in as many public places as possible to minimize the inconvenience of handling garbage. In a way, these bins have become instrumental in efficiently handling waste materials, and are playing an important role in controlling environmental pollution.