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Here are the Various Sources That Contribute to Land Pollution

Sources of Land Pollution
The damages from the sources of land pollution are surmounting to the kind that has got the world edgy. Let's find out how these add to an already degrading world, and what we can still do about it...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Land pollution is when wastes from industrial factories, agricultural wastes and the contributions of humankind amass to what we see and hear about today. It not only diffuses harmful chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere, but settles into the soil and creeps into water sources, affecting life that thrives under these. Not only are people's health suffering detriment due to pollution, but plants and animals are taking a hit as well.
Recent proceedings of the Japan nuclear blasts due to an earthquake, has been recorded to be one of the most destructive in recent history. The news on the radiation spills as a cause of the earthquake, are enough proof of what frightening contents nuclear reactors hold within themselves.
Besides air and water pollution, land pollution is an everyday problem that is on the rise and harming anything and everything that comes in its way. The most virulent contributing factor when it comes to pollution is automobile emissions and wastes that industries release on a daily basis. Are we safe anymore? Is the world going green a little too late? Are many of us still oblivious to where the world is heading?
What Are the Sources of Land Pollution?
What caters to land pollution as a whole? The dangerous factors that contribute to this kind of pollution are shocking, and immensely toxic.
  • Oil refineries
  • Debris from construction sites
  • Littering
  • Sewage of human waste
  • Agricultural wastes and chemicals
  • Industrial toxic waste and chemicals
  • Mining
  • Demolition
  • Nuclear and chemical plants
  • Deforestation
  • Household wastes
  • Landfills that are overflowing
  • Antifreeze/oil leaking from cars
What Can We Do About Land Pollution?
The major sources of this kind of pollution are those that cannot be dealt with, since industries will continue to run and automobiles will still be bought while increasing in number by the day. There's nothing we can do about what still has to run its course, and if people have to saturate the land with harmful elements that do more damage than it ever could in the past, there's nothing we can do to put a complete stop to it. So for us to play a small part when it comes to damage-control in our neighborhoods and in our lives, we can practice some ways on controlling what we see when it comes to destroying nature and harming humankind.
  • The next time you go shopping, suggest the use of paper bags or recyclable ones instead of plastic. Carrying one of your own would help instead of taking these from stores that openly distribute plastic.
  • Eat foods that are organic in nature to ensure that you are ingesting only healthy foods that haven't been subjected to pesticides or chemical based fertilizers.
  • Biodegradable products should be a priority on your list of to-buy items.
  • Avoid dumping motor oil on the ground since this can cause the soil to absorb it, affecting plant and animal life.
  • Avoid spilling engine oil onto the ground as well.
  • Wastes and chemicals should be stored in spill proof containers.
  • Avoid littering even if the urge to do so arises. Wait until you spot a trash can and then dispose of what you need to.
  • Set an example to those who openly pollute the area by dumping food / drink packages outdoors.
  • Encourage kids and others to plant trees as part of a project to help the environment stay as green as possible.
Pollution can be countered if people did their part in everyday life, but the only problem is we may be too late since the effects are already showing forth when it comes to health, the atmosphere and the weather conditions we are facing today. Either way, we shouldn't tell ourselves that why save the planet then if we're all done for anyway? But who knows, one small act individually just may save this world we live in.