Solar-powered Pond Pump

Concerned about global warming? Thinking of energy conservation? Want to set up a fountain or a bird bath in your garden without using electricity? Well, then you must consider reading this article which talks about solar-powered pond pumps.
HelpSaveNature Staff
In today's times, solar energy is the answer for an efficient alternative source of energy to power electronically-operated machines. A solar-powered pond pump is one such gadget that works very effectively in both beautifying your garden and saving electricity. These pumps are basically used to carry water from the lower levels of the ponds to the higher levels of the fountain.

Choosing a Solar-powered Pond Pump
  • Firstly, there are three major components of such a system: actual pump, solar panel and piping system (consider length). These factors have to be considered while setting up the pump and the fountain.
  • You can purchase the solar panel and the pump separately; install it yourself, else you can consider purchasing kits which comprise a small solar panel, a pump, a fountain spout, and a piping and wiring kit. Some people also prefer a battery-powered solar pond pump, as it provides a good backup at night.
  • In case, your pond is a big one, then you may not find a kit for the same. In such a scenario, you can use a simple solar pond pump for the fountain.
  • Some important manufacturers of such pumps include Little Giant, Pondmaster, Aquascape, Cal Pump and Tetra.
Steps Involved in the Pump Setting
  1. Firstly, get to know from the contractor the gallon capacity of your pond and the flow rate you intend to have for the fountain, so as to keep the water oxygenated. In case of uncertainty, a less flow rate of 130 to 140 gallons per hour should be great.
  2. Next, find out the distance between the supply line and the fountain, which is a crucial consideration. The longer the distance, the higher should be the flow rate. Honestly speaking, there is as such no fixed formula, but you must give the pump shop dealer the exact distance. The refined judgment of such dealers usually works wonders.
  3. The last part that you need to consider is the appropriate location of the solar panel, so as to get maximum sunlight. A high level position that won't obstruct sunlight should be good. For nighttime operation, consider choosing the most suitable battery.
  4. Usually, these solar-powered pumps for an average-sized pond, can be as reasonable as $70 to $100.
Benefits of Pond Pumps
  • It helps in oxygenating the water, because of which it stays pure and fresh for a longer time.
  • The possibility of growth of harmful microorganisms and mosquitoes gets eliminated as a result of this fountain. Also, it keeps the pond from stinking.
  • Some pumps integrate the process of pumping freshwater, and draining the stale water into the normal oxygenation process, thereby, functioning more efficiently.
So, think no further and go the eco-friendly way to add that extra zing to your garden with a solar-powered pond pump. It will not just grace your space, but will also be quite an inspiring example for others.