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Simple Ways for a More Environment Friendly, Green Home

Lindsey Patterson Oct 5, 2019
If you want to get on the green movement, then there are some ways following which you can definitely make your home more environment efficient.
Many people are looking for ways to make their home environmentally friendly. They want to go green to protect their family and environment. If you want to get on the green movement there are ways you can make your home more environment friendly.
You can go green from carpet cleaning products to the way that you power your home.

Cook Using a Pressure Cooker

This may seem something small but can have a big impact on amount of energy used in the home. A pressure cooker will save a lot of time by reducing cooking time by as much as 70 percent. Thus, less energy will be used while cooking.
If you cook at home at least for 5 nights or more, this will reduce the amount of energy being used in your home. You can also make anything from roasts to pasta to side dishes using the pressure cooker.

Use a Smart Meter

Heating the home during the cooler months use a lot of energy. The heart can be left on for a long period even after the home is heated. This can waste time and money. To help use less energy you should install a smart meter in your home.
You can program the meter so that the heart will be turned on at a specific time of the day. This way if you are not going to be home you do not have to waste energy. This can save the environment and save you money.
Water usage in the home not only uses a lot of water but it uses a lot of energy as well. To help reduce the energy wasted be sure to check the home for leaks and fix them the right way. To help save water switch t a low flow showerhead. This new showerhead can help save up to 160,000 liters for the average household.

Energy-Efficient Lights

There are now energy-efficient light bulbs that can help save you money and reduce the amount of energy they use. They are CFLs and use less energy. They can also work for a longer time.

Natural Cleaning Products

There are harmful chemicals found in many cleaning products. This can be dangerous for the environment and people in your home. there are now natural cleaning products that will not harm your home.
There are green products for washing dishes, laundry, cleaning the carpet, and even mopping the floors. They contain vinegar, citrus acid, and other natural ingredients that can effectively clean the home without the use of chemicals.


To reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat or cool the home make sure there is enough insulation. Insulation can help keep the cool air in during the warm months and the hot air in during the winter.
This will reduce how hard and how often the HVAC system will need to run. Installing double glazed window can help too. Area rugs can be placed over hardwood to keep some heat in and keep it escaping through any crack in the floor.

Purchase Recycled Products

Many companies are looking for ways to help the environment. They make their casing through recycled materials. Glass jars and even paper products can be made from recycled items. In addition to recycling in your home, you should look for these recycled products in the store.
These are some things you can do to create a green household. Even making some small changes can reduce your carbon footprint and help you reduce your energy consumption.