Nature Calling...."Please Save Me."

The nature is screaming that it doesn't belong to you only; it belongs to all.
Sourav Ghosh Feb 28, 2019
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One Unfortunate Morning...

Have you ever thought of waking up one unfortunate morning, moving out to your balcony and opening your eyes only to find no flowers or show plants out there.

What Next?

To your surprise...

Moving ahead you are surprised to find no greenery around, no fresh air, pale daylight and dust all over. You start suffocating. All the wrong acts you did start floating in front of your eyes. You know that very soon you are going to die.


All of a sudden your eyes open, hearing the sound of the alarm you set. You hear the sweet sound of the birds chirping outside in the greenery all around. You are really very happy that it was just a nightmare.


This nightmare can change into reality any time soon if the human kind doesn't bother about the other kind of lives somehow surviving on this planet. The choice is obviously ours. Let's come together to save it.
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