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List of 'Save the Environment' Slogans

List of 'Save the Environment' Slogans
The number of campaigns to protect our habitat is increasing. Somehow, it's still not enough. Let's make our effort little more sincere and do whatever we can, to save the environment. You may use these slogans to inspire people in supporting your environment project.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
Three R's to Save the Environment
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Where's a superhero when you need one? The Earth is in trouble. It needs someone to rescue it. Sadly, superheroes are not around to help the planet. It's gotta be us. But here's a newsflash. The planet doesn't need you to rescue it. It will be just fine. It will adapt to the changes in the environment. It will give rise to new organisms after the present ecosystems get destroyed.

Things will work out for the planet. It's just us, who will be in trouble. We need our environment to survive. We need to help ourselves before we are too late. We have to save our environment before we blow it, big time. There are so many issues that need our attention - economy in the gutters, warring countries, celebrities driving in the drunken state. No wonder, the environment issues have taken a backseat in our minds and got relegated to the inner pages of the newspapers.
The 'environmental issues' include several topics like pollution, wildlife conservation, recycling, global warming, endangered species, population control, water conservation, etc. As it is high time to act, you may need a few slogans and action-words to remind us what needs to be done.
Don't blow it - Good planets are hard to find.
Ethic slogan
Save the Environment. Save Life.
Trees don't grow on money either.
Less pollution is the best solution.
Give a hoot, don't pollute.
Don't litter, it makes the world bitter.
Spread the word
Don't be mean, be green.
Recycle today, for a better tomorrow.
Think green, live green.
Every day is Earth day.
Global Warming: We have a solution. Stop Pollution!
Stop pollution quick. Don't make the water sick!
Do your share for cleaner air.
Join the revolution, stop the pollution!
Every ozone hole is a threat to our soul.
Save ozone, our planet's safe zone.
Snow is melting, Earth is crying!
Save energy slogan
Avoid a meltdown! Stop global warming.
You break, you buy. You pollute, You die.
Think before you print.
Tree Stumps
Put a stop to the drop.
When the soil disappears, the soul disappears.
Better Earth, better life, better tomorrow...
Today's wastage is tomorrow's shortage.
Keep the trash in politics - not in our oceans!
Garbage segregation slogan
Be keen, go green.
Save Trees, Save the World, Save Yourself.
These slogans might serve the purpose of generating interest among people, and inspire them to do their bit in saving the environment. However, mere slogans are not enough. This is a time for a revolution, for our own sake.
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