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How to Dispose and Recycle e-Waste Right Way

Zane Todd Nov 25, 2019
Read and find out the ways to safely recycle & dispose of the e-waste. Also, know about the electronic waste problem & how it affects badly to the environment.

Have you ever wondered how much e-waste we produce every year?

More than 50 million tones of electronic waste are produced around the globe, and this massive amount of e-waste is accountable for contaminating our environment.

Dispose of or Recycle - What to Do?

Here, let's talk about some of the useful tips for disposing and recycling your e-waste.

Tip 1 - Sending Back Electronic Items

Many electric companies have an exchange policy where you can send all of your obsolete electronic gadgets and buy a new one.

Tip 2 - Donating or Selling Outdated Electronics

Giving away or selling obsolete electronic devices are two great e-waste disposal techniques which anyone can adapt to manage e-waste prudently.

Tip 3 - Taking Electronic Items to the Waste and Recycling Centre

Search for an e-waste recycling and dispose of centre in your area who can manage the e-waste with proper methods.  Storing the waste and send it to the e-waste recycling Centre and they will take care of the rest.

Tip 4 - Use Cloud Services for Storing Data

Cloud services are an excellent way to store all your important data online. This is a convenient option as you don’t have to carry storage devices all the time.

Tip 5 - Rent Electronic Items Instead of Buying

A good idea to minimise your e-waste is to rent it, mostly if you barely use specific items.

Tip 6 - Manage Your Equipment Properly

Failing to account for your devices will result in you spending money on duplicate electrics, so it’s a good idea to manage your equipment properly. 

Tip 7 - Say no to landfill

Try to avoid landfilling as it releases toxic chemicals into the environment, affecting the atmosphere and triggering severe health problems.
So, these were some of the ways to safely recycle & dispose of the e-waste. Proper disposal and recycling are crucial to safeguard our environment from pollution and to protect our health.