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How Luxury Designer Consignment Is a Step Towards Saving the Planet?

A look into fast fashion and sustainable fashion choices!
Codogirl Dec 3, 2019
Did you know that fashion, specifically the large scale, high production volume fast fashion is one of the dirtiest and most polluting of all industries? However, a new industry is on the rise which has the power to fight fast fashion. It’s the Luxury Designer Consignment/Resale industry, and you should really take note.

Why Is Fast Fashion so Bad?

There are a number of reasons, but primarily it’s the high production output of cheaply made clothes, made indiscriminately with no regard for labor and environmental regulations. Most fast fashion is produced in third-world countries, where labor abuse and incessant pollution run rampant. Is that cute top you’ll wear for one night out really worth it?

What is Luxury Designer Resale/Consignment?

It’s a way for you to own luxurious and high-quality designer fashion without paying the hefty price and skip the heaps of low-quality fast fashion that destroys our planet.

How Does it Help our Planet?

When you’re buying something pre-owned as opposed to new, you are:
  • Slowing the demand for fast fashion
  • Extending the life of something already made
This lowers the carbon footprint of the existing item and by not buying fast fashion, you force the fast fashion companies to backlog their inventory of cheap, damaging clothing.

Is Luxury Resale/Consignment Sustainable?

Luxury resale a sustainable and carbon neutral fashion economy, because it is a circular system. If you own a luxury designer piece, you can consign it knowing it will end up in someone else’s loving hands. And, if you are a buyer, you know your money is going towards a high-quality item built to last, so you can wear and love it for years to come.

How Do I Know it’s the Real Deal?

There are a lot of fakes and counterfeits out there trying to take advantage of the resale industry. These fakes are made in the same way fast fashion is: cheap materials, poor working conditions and high volume. The best way to avoid these imposters is to shop from a reputable seller or resale website with an authenticity guarantee.