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Giti’s Shark Tracking Project

Giti Tire Group and the Conservation International have been working on preserving the planet to make it better for us.
Aigerim Berzinya Jun 15, 2019
Giti Tire is a company that has been a part of the tire industry since 1951. It has recently become a leader in their field with consumers in over 130 countries. They produce quality tires and products to maintain them. They are now partnering with Conservation International.
Conservation International has been protecting nature and its creatures for almost 30 years. They work with over 2,000 partners in 30 countries and employ people everywhere in hope of keeping our planet safe. Now they are partnering up with Giti Tire.

Giti’s Shark

Giti Tire has been a longstanding partner of Conservation International for many years. Giti has been providing support for Conversation International’s tagging and preservation program. Recently they have expanded their efforts to track the animals as well with the help of Giti.
Now, Conservation International has the ability to keep up with the sharks they track and monitor their routines. For their efforts in providing financial support, they have named a shark after the Giti Tire company. This shark is 4,75 meters long.
This program is an attempt to lessen the estimated 70 million sharks killed each year for fin soup and other things. The shark population is depleting, and this can have a dangerous effect on the ecosystem around them.

Sharks play an important role in their environment and their absence is sure to affect the environment in some or the other way.
The partnership is an effort to keep the ecosystem in balance and save as many sharks as possible. With their combined efforts, both companies hope to reduce the killing and educate people about the dangers involved with such creatures no longer existing.

The Man Behind the Project

Enki Tan has always had a passion for environmental conservation. This project means a lot to him, and he makes sure to take the time and resources at his disposal to support Conservation International as much as possible. He has been a board member of Conservation International since 2004.


Conservation International and Giti Tire have been partnered together for many years in an attempt to help conserve the resources of wildlife of the planet. They have recently come out with a project that will help track and monitor the well being of different animals. One of the animals they hope to protect more in the future is, sharks.
With the new tracking system, Conversation International and Giti Tires hope to decrease the amount of sharks being killed each year. They also hope to educate people on the importance of such animals. With sharks, the ecosystem would become unbalanced, and other species would suffer.
Giti Tire provides more than just financial support for Conservation International. With Enki Tan on the board, they play a vital role in making decisions that will benefit the planet and the company. Giti Tire is much more than just being a tire company.