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Earth Day Games and Activities You Must Be a Part Of

Kashmira Lad Apr 28, 2019
The 22nd of April is celebrated with great joy the world over as Earth Day. Here are some games and activities that can be carried out specially for this day.
Our planet Earth has so much to give us! From the beautiful natural surroundings to the rich flora and fauna, our planet has loads of things to offer that only make life more beautiful. However, have you given a thought to how many individuals actually respect this planet? Have you ever felt responsible towards Your Planet?
April 22nd is known the world over as Earth Day. This day was first celebrated in the year 1970. It is celebrated in order to create more awareness about our planet and situations that we need to take care of to ensure that it is well loved and cared for.
Let's take a look at some very interesting activities and games that will teach children and even adults the importance of our planet.

Fun Activities and Games for Earth Day

You can use these activities in your everyday life. Children can be taught either at school or at home, and you can even place reminders in the form of notes at home to ensure this routine is maintained.
  • The first thing you can begin with is turn off the lights when not in use. Whenever possible, use natural daylight for activities such as reading or painting.
  • Avoid the use of plastic. Reuse and recycle as often as you can.
  • Keep your neighborhood areas clean. Make sure everyone in your neighborhood is equally enthusiastic and aware of their duties towards the planet.
  • Avoid leaving your phone for charging overnight. Most cell phones have an indicator that shows when the charging process is complete.
Apart from incorporating these activities in your daily routine, you can also teach young ones activities such as the one mentioned further for an Earth Day get-together. (These can also be used otherwise!)

Eco-friendly Magazine Holder

Things Required:
  • Empty cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Light and dark green acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint/spray paint
  • Thin paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Leaf-shaped Sponge or foam stamp
  • Firstly, cut the top half of the cereal box. Once you are halfway through, cut a 45-degree angle on the front side. From here, cut straight across and then begin cutting back up. Maintain the same angle.
  • Use the sandpaper lightly on the topside of the cereal box. This will help the paint to remain properly on the box.
  • Now, spray with white paint. You can even use a brush. Allow it to dry.
  • Meanwhile, pour the green colored paints, and with the help of a brush, draw small vines all over the box. Now, use the leaf-shaped foam stamp and create prints on the front and sides of the box. The decoration element can be anything as per your creativity.
  • However, you must always ensure that the boxes used should be of the sturdy variety. These attractive magazine holders can surely teach the concept of recycling.
  • Apart from that, you can even organize games such as quizzes that test the knowledge of the participants, and can also give a message to the participants.
  • Incorporate puzzles and even recipe contests to make the entire event a successful one. The idea behind the concept is to spread the message without making the get-together a boring affair!
With these ideas, you are bound to have an interesting time doing something worthwhile for our planet. Remember, it's not just the 22nd of April that should be remembered as Earth Day, we must celebrate it all the year round.