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Why are Companies Going Green?

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya Sep 23, 2018
There are numerous companies all round the world, which are opting for environmental-friendly technologies, in order to reduce the carbon footprint. But how do these large organizations go green without incurring huge costs to themselves? We provides essential information about some companies that are opting for 'green ways' of operation.
In the past, most companies were resistant to implement technology that would help in reducing pollution, which is a major environmental issue.
However, with the growing awareness among people, and the pressure from green bodies, not to mention consumers, most companies have changed their strategies, and have implemented these technological aspects to prevent environmental degradation.
Automobile and insurance companies are the major organizations, which have implemented strategies of going green. Automobile companies have made vehicles that emits less carbon compounds and sulfur, while insurance companies offer better premiums for people opting for eco-friendly and hybrid cars.
These examples are just one way of companies going green; there are several others. New items are being developed, which help to save energy and reduce pollution, which has become a major global environmental issue.


In the past, most companies were resistant to implementing technology, which would reduce environmental pollution and save energy, as it would mean changing the way things are done that have been built over several years. However, contrary to what people believe, there are several benefits of companies going green.
One of the main reasons is that people are becoming far more conscious, and are buying products only from producers who manufacture environment-friendly products. Moreover, people have become conscious of recycling things, and there are many who ask how recycling affects the environment.
When a used substance is used again, it reduces the cost of making a particular material, thereby reducing the need for power. The main reason for the initial resistance of companies to go green is that the whole process of change would be time-consuming and expensive.
This is partially true, but then, if these environment-friendly products are used, they would help to save a lot of money in the long run. Let's say that you have a business, and you employ 1,000 employees. Every day, you need to communicate with all of them, and if you do this on paper, imagine the amount of paper you would need every day.
If you digitize this work and send emails, you can save your costs of buying paper, and at the same time, saving valuable trees from being cut down, thereby saving the environment. Moreover, using fluorescent light bulbs costs more when you buy them compared to the standard ones, but when you compare the life of both types, the former lasts much longer.

Major Companies Going Green

Some of the major companies which have implemented green strategies include Bank of America, General Electric, Dupont, and Home Depot. There are many more, but these are worth mentioning as they have been most resistant to change.
Today, Bank of America uses much less paper than it used traditionally, and the best part is that the customer base of this organization has not reduced at all; rather it has increased. Moreover, they recycle paper internally, and the best part is that they offer their employees, a cash back offer to a certain limit, if they buy hybrid vehicles.
On its part, General Electric has started developing environment-friendly products, especially solar panels, and have successfully generated billions in revenue. The company was one of the worst polluters, but has today taken steps to clean up the areas, in which their plants are located.
Environmentalists over the last several years criticized Dupont due to their ways of not caring for the environment. However, due to government regulations and people's sustained pressure, the company has taken steps to drastically lower its emissions of polluting greenhouse gases.
Moreover, it has appointed an eminent environmentalist as its adviser on its board, and they have successfully reduced pollution by more than 50%.
Home depot is another company, which has taken recent steps to implement green technology. They were the largest retailer of old-growth wood products in the world, but people started objecting to what they were doing; cutting down trees to make their products.

Tips for Companies Going Green

Few ways, by which organization can opt for green strategies.
  • See to it that all mechanical equipment is well maintained.
  • Recycle or donate old equipment or computers.
  • Buy energy-efficient printers, PCs, etc.
  • Cleaning products that are eco-friendly should only be bought as these are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Instead of using general batteries, rechargeable ones can be used.
  • The amount of paper should be reduced by trying to go for online bill payment, online banking, and emails.
  • Wherever possible, double-sided printing should be used.
  • Recycle ink cartridges, aluminum, plastic, and paper.
An increasing number of people are realizing the importance of using green technology, and that's the reason why companies going green matter a lot. As responsible individuals, we too have to contribute and make the environment as clean and green as possible.