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5 Things You Can Do For The Earth's Well-being

Mikkie Mills Dec 2, 2019
In the midst of climate change it can be overwhelming to figure out how you, as an individual, can be a part of the solutions. People often talk about cutting down on plastic use, using reusable straws and saving energy but there are more powerful things you can do to take care of the Earth.

Learn About Climate Policy

Learn more about climate policy and clean energy policies that are enacted or being written on the local, state and national levels. Learn more about the Climate Leadership Council and the Green New Deal. Spend more time educating yourself about what policies are leading the way towards a better future, that will make you a more educated voter.

Invest Your Money In Clean Energy

On a day-to-day basis, you make an impact on our economy by buying things. From gas to groceries to what credit card company you use, your purchases are tied to bigger investments. One way to invest in clean energy is to use credit cards or banks that do not make investments in fossil fuels.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

You are probably familiar with the phrase "reduce, reuse and recycle," and for good reason. To make less of a negative impact on the Earth, you can alter your lifestyle in small ways by reducing consumption, reusing items that can be reused and recycle anything you might want to throw away.

Care For the Outdoors

An active way you can care for the Earth is by literally caring for the outdoors. Make sure you do not leave trash in the woods on your hike. Do not use harmful fertilizers or chemical cleaners in or around your house. Use eco-friendly paints for your house or use native plants in your garden. Cultivate the Earth you live on but do not abuse it.

Get Involved In Your Local Climate Advocacy Group

One of the best things you can do for the well-being of the Earth is to join your local climate advocacy group. There are a number of groups across the United States as a part of 350.org, the Sierra Club and the Sunrise Movement that have groups of volunteers who help educate, advocate for and act on climate issues.